Evernote from command line

As mentioned before, you get a productivity boost when you link your mobile life with the terminal, with a program you can pipe, parse, grep…

Geeknote (www.geeknote.me) is a command line interface for your Ever Note account.

Installation is as easy as:
git clone git://github.com/VitaliyRodnenko/geeknote.git
cd geeknote
sudo python setup.py install
geeknote login

The latter will ask you to provide login credentials (press enter when asked for Two-Factor auth code, if you didn’t enable it) from the shell. While this is a good thing, unfortunately the authorization is not permanent, but “per session”.

View a “table” via the Linux command line

It’s very common to use the “less” command to view a table, maybe with the “-x 20” parameter to have a smaller chance of misaligned columns, but Google gave me much better way to view CSV (or TSV) files:

column -s, -t < file.csv | less -#2 -N -S

As you can see the “column” command allows to be customized in terms of field separator and much more.