HTML Editors for your textarea

Several years ago I used FCKEditor. I was quite satisfied and to be honest my needs were really basics. A thing I noted scanning my 404 logs was a noticeable over-representation of /cgi-bin/fckeditor/editor/ requests, and I suppose this means it had a lot of tasty flaws.

Now I wanted something new and possibly even simpler. Maybe better integrated with Bootstrap. Googling I spotted three alternatives:

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Bootstrap: colum offset

As mentioned before with Bootstrap it’s possible to combine multiple classes to design a responsive website. We can decide to use six columns on large screen and reduce the number of columns as we reduce the available screen size.

<section class="col-sm-6 col-md-4  col-lg-2"></section>

This means that on small screens the section will span 6 columns. We can specify an offset so that the single column on small screens will not go edge to edge:

<section class="col-xs-offset-3 col-sm-6 col-md-4  col-lg-2"></section>

This edit will work until the second breakpoint, because the offset will remain. We can cleaer it:

<section class="col-xs-offset-3 col-sm-6 col-sm-offset-0 col-md-4  col-lg-2"></section>



Bootstrap 3 micro-introduction

 is a framework to design mobile friendly websites. Using modern technologies and battle tested is a good start also for small sites.

Being a¬†framework you have to write/design the page in a specific way, with the benefits of having pre-built¬†CSS and some JavaScript components (popups, tabs…)¬†ready to use.

It’s good for prototyping, to¬†quickly deliver small projects, and probably – I don’t have experience on this – also for bigger ones.

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