From gedit to IDE with plugins

geditI love and use many text editors, from Sublime Text (being cross-platform) to BBEdit under macOS. Recently I started using more and more gEdit 2, because it’s universally available in most Linux distributions I happen to use. With some tricks, it’s possible to boost productivity.

  1. Default gEdit plugins – From the preferences, it’s possible to activate useful plugins, like the Snippet editor.
  2. Standard gEdit plugins – Debian/Ubuntu repositories carry the gedit-plugins package that includes a bunch of plugins, like Bookmarks, Word Completion, Bracket Completion, Multi Edit, Code comment and session saver… oh, a terminal too. They shift gEdit to a more reliable coding editor.
  3. Optional plugins – One for the web developers: Zencode (zip for Gedit2 here). Zencode is so cool I wanted it in the headless servers too with this VIM plugin.