NIS, Autofs and kerberos within the CRIBI Network

Settings memo for the CRIBI Bioinformatics network:

  • Install nis, autofs, nfs-client packages (optionally libpam-krb5 for kerberos authentication)
  • Nis domain is:
  • /etc/network/interfaces
    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
  • See /etc/krb5.conf as in package
  • Special issue: if your PC has a local partition for the homes, then if we want to access local homes in conflict with NIS… let’s change local home path to mount home drive in /usr/local/home instead of /home.  See /etc/fstab for this.
  • In /etc/passwd add a nis mask (+,,,,,) and change local users home directory to /usr/local/home
  • See /etc/yp.conf
  • See  /etc/auto.master
  • See /etc/nsswitch.conf
  • proch@darwin /etc/rc2.d $ ls
    S10apmd                S50avahi-daemon           S90binfmt-support
    S10sysklogd            S50cups                   S98nis
    S11klogd               S50NetworkManager         S98usplash
    S20apport              S50rsync                  S99autofs
    S20dkms_autoinstaller  S50saned                  S99laptop-mode
    S20hotkey-setup        S50system-tools-backends  S99ondemand
    S20nfs-common            S99rc.local
  • See /etc/pam.d/common* for kerberos