Alternative shell interfaces in Ubuntu Linux

Faster than default Gnome-terminal, they can be installed via repository. They run under X and don’t require Gtk or Qt libraries…

1) xterm, is quite fast. I use it as a nice replacement with this shortcut:

xterm -fs 11 -fa "Courier 10 Pitch"

2) mrxvt is very fast, with nice tabs. I run it in default configuration, without antialiasing or background to keep good performance.


3 thoughts on “Alternative shell interfaces in Ubuntu Linux

  1. Just a note, these are alternative *terminal emulators*! Two more to check out that:
    1.Terminator – you can split it left/right up/down:

    2. Tilda: “drop-down” terminal, like in Quake and other FPS games:

    Those aren’t really *faster* than gnome-terminal, but they offer some usage benefits to some users.

    Alternative *shells* would be things like fish, ksh, and so on. 🙂

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